27 April, 2016

Five Key Takeaways-High Point Spring 2016

By Lisa Peck, ASID
Each Wednesday we share insight from the LiLu Interiors studio into the world of interior design. Having recently visited High Point Market, today I am sharing five key takeaways-High Point Spring 2016,  according to LiLu Interiors.
As we visit market, one of the challenges we face is to look at the newest, things and determine what is a trend that will last for a decade or more and what is a flash-in-the-pan fad. For our take aways, I have endeavored to only show things I saw that I believe will be around for the long haul. When you are investing in your interior, you want to select things you love and that will be lasting. If you love it, I contend it will be long lasting. If a trend fits your personal style, I encourage you to adopt it early. If it doesn't fit your style, you can appreciate it and leave it on the shelf.
colorful rooms at High Point Spring 2016 by LiLu Interiors
Color was everywhere at market. Maybe with all the strife in the world we would like our homes to be happy, colorful sanctuaries of positive energy and nothing lifts the spirits like color. Each showroom had their own take on a colorful palette. I observed there were two overarching colors being presented but the palettes weren't limited to just one direction. You have permission to use color! Here at LiLu we love color so we believe this will be a "trend" that never ends!
Artisan game tables at High Point Market 2016
Along with the theme of the happy, uplifting home, I observed that more than a couple of vendors were showing artisan game tables. These lovelies don't just have to life in the teen hang-out room in your home. If billiards isn't your thing, ping-pong, shuffle-board and foosball can now be part of an adult space. Sophisticated, artisan takes on gaming speak to having fun at home and allowing yourself to take a little break and enjoy.Lucite continues strong at High Point Market Spring 2016
Lucite has been hanging around the fringes of market for years. It's a classic that is always around but seems to be on a surge. Lucite was seen everywhere from small vendors to mainstream brands that are presenting it in big and small ways. If you like lucite but can't see buying into it big, like the coffee table pictured. Consider giving your room a boost with just a touch like the legs of a bench. Lucite is now a mainstream trend.
Brassy golds are starting to be stronger High Point Market Spring 2016
Soft golds, brushed brass and antique brass have become part of the common language of interior design in the past few years letting us use metals that aren't just satin nickel and oil-rubbed bronze. Enter brass. That right, some of us who are a certain age may cringe at the thought but as designers we know everything old can become new again. Brass is sometimes the right choice. It is showing up at market in a stronger way. Incorporating it into your interior can put you at the cutting-edge of this trend that I predict will come on strong in the coming years.
Green and blush pink at High Point Spring 2016 by LiLu Interiors
While all the showrooms were full of color there were two colors that seemed a little stronger than the others. Green and blush pink were the strongest colors at market. I suggest using them together is a great combo inspired by nature, although I didn't see them combined at High Point. Green is a great neutral, nature inspired, fresh and uplifting it can be the main color in an interior. Blush pink is light, refreshing and feminine.
Have questions about how you can adopt a trend without looking trendy? At LiLu Interiors we believe that timeless is best and by only adopting a trend that you truly love is the best way to design. Call us if you want to learn more about working with a professional designer.