13 April, 2011

Fireplace Concept

by LuAnne Silvia, ASID
To answer the design challenges for the fireplace makeover we discovered this wall covering by Lori Weitzner and thought it was a perfect solution to add visual weight and beauty of natural stone to the fireplace with minimal expense.  
Quarry Lori Weitzner wall covering

"This innovative vertical brings nature indoors in a completely new way. A flexible layer of stone is paper backed to create an amazing material that retains all the varied color and texture of the rock but affords the same ease of installation as paper. The 2’ x 4’ sheets can be adhered full size or cut down to hang in any configuration. Quarry features a dramatic web of mineral traces."
We designed a stainless steel mantle and trim to relate to the contemporary architecture and add interest through a mix of materials. We sketched what the fireplace would look like to show our client what we were envisioning.  

Fireplace Option A
The result: a high impact design for a moderate budget.
Tune in tomorrow to see our sketch come to life as LiLu meets the contractors on site to install

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