27 October, 2010

Fear Not: LiLu Won’t Disappear on You

A guest post by Josh Anderson

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When you partner with LiLu Interiors, you can expect high-caliber interior design solutions supported by our personal commitment to excellent service. You can also expect a skilled, multi-disciplinary approach to maximizing the interior of any remodel, renovation or new construction project.
So don’t be surprised that LiLu Interiors won't do a disappearing act on you when construction begins. We have an agreement with our trade partners that we'll be on site for each project, start to finish.
We do this to ensure that every detail is being considered along the way. And we want to be available should a challenge arise. Collaboration like this leads to a smooth-running project. And it results in satisfied homeowners who appreciate our efforts.
Come back tomorrow for Fear Not: LiLu Won't Make You Want to Scream.
About the author: Josh Anderson is a freelance copywriter and strategist specializing in ingniting brands through advertising, branding and marketing. And he's partnered with LiLu Interiors since 2008. Follow Josh on Twitter @LiveWireCopy or visit www.livewirecopy.com.

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