26 October, 2010

Fear Not: Avoid Costly Mistakes of DIY

A guest post by Josh Anderson

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Do-it-yourself projects often play out like an all-too-predictable horror movie:
Homeowners want a new kitchen to fulfill their love of entertaining. They pride themselves on being a pretty handy couple, or at least they can tell which end of the hammer is up. And they enjoy working on home improvement projects together. So they move ahead with their kitchen remodel, oblivious to the fact that they're walking into a dark room and they've forgotten to turn the lights on.
It doesn't seem so bad at first, but the tell-tale signs are there: they've made 15 trips to the hardware store down the street and already they're making a list for number 16.
It's been two months and the project should be winding down by now. Instead, the couple finds themselves elbow deep in drywall and old wiring. Being weekend warriors is causing delays they never imagined.
Three weeks, two days and 7 hours later, the wiring has finally been updated and the drywall installed. Unfortunately they've forgotten to mark where the outlets are supposed to go on the wall. That and the granite counter top that was delivered two weeks late has a huge chunk gashed into the side that can't be hidden.
The couple looks at each and screams.
Outcomes like this can be avoided when you hire interior designers like LiLu Interiors.
We are experienced professionals, educated in the trade and have spent years managing home improvement projects down to the smallest detail. And we've done so expertly, combining our refreshing creativity with a practical knowledge of the industry and its building codes.
Don't go it alone. LiLu can help you from massacring your next remodel, new construction or renovation project.
Join us tomorrow for Fear Not: LiLu Won't Disappear on You.
About the author: Josh Anderson is a freelance copywriter and strategist specializing in ingniting brands through advertising, branding and marketing. And he's partnered with LiLu Interiors since 2008. Follow Josh on Twitter @LiveWireCopy or visit www.livewirecopy.com.

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