17 April, 2012

Fashion + Interiors and Warehouse Winery

By Christina Winter, Allied Member ASID
As you may know we are counting down the days to our Inspiring Design Series Fashion + Interiors. Turning the traditional runway different by design.  Five unique vignettes will be showcased that are designed by each member of the LiLu Team.  Each vignette will reflect the distinct styles of our models.  Not only is this going to be an inspiring, energizing night out but it is FREE!  So grab your friends, your family, or just yourself and head over to International Market Square: Suite 185.

If you have ever planned an event you know that  help and collaboration are appreciated.  For our Fashion + Interiors event we have teamed up with some great local businesses around the Twin Cities and so we would like to tell you a little more about each of them.

Our Wine Sponsor: You know when there is just a synchroncity in the air? Well that happened the day that we discovered Warehouse Winery.  This winery which is only 5 years old has made huge strides in the wine industry. The first thing that drew us in was their marketing message: By Design...a fine wine.  A journey of Passion.  Not only do we at LiLu Interiors agree with this message by we feel we live and breathe that each day with our own work.  Now I honestly could go on and on about Warehouse Winery from their label design to the warehouse itself but  instead I will redirect you to their website where I feel you can learn all about them. Explore their site, see the winery, the warehouse and get excited to try it at our Fashion + Interiors event on the 25th of April!
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