19 April, 2012

Fashion + Interiors and Doncaster

By Christina Winter, Allied Member ASID
Have you heard of Doncaster?  Did you know that there is a studio located right here at the International Market Square?  Hidden down on the lower concourse level Doncaster has been a wonderful tool for the LiLu team.  Doncaster was started in 1931 named after Doncaster, England; which is a popular Honeymoon destination.  It was started by a husband and wife team and still to this day it is a family run business now based in New York City.  The impeccable quality of Doncaster is sure never to go unnoticed.  The attention to detail, the tailoring and the extraordinary fit of the clothes leaves you breathless. 
Want to know a little secret?  The LiLu Team is dressed in pieces from Doncaster in our photos.  Thanks to the wonderful styling from our Doncaster Consultant

Why we love them:  (besides the obvious stated above) Fashion to them is for everyone and they realize that inspiration comes not only from trends but also from the classics.  Their dedication to deliver beautiful and quality pieces is right in sync with us here at LiLu.