08 November, 2020

Fashion Inspiration for Interior Design-According to LiLu Interiors

Fashion Inspiration for Interior Design

Where should you look for inspiration if you are starting a new interior project? There are many great sources of inspiration, show houses, nature, Pinterest, and more. We encourage you to look everywhere for inspiration, but we also suggest a great place to look is your closet. That’s right, fashion inspiration for interior design.
When we are making fashion choices, the financial stakes are lower than when you are investing in an entire home or room. So, you may feel freer to fully express who truly are with a dress, suit, or fashion accessory. If you have pieces of clothing, you have worn for years and consider them staples of your wardrobe take the time to analyze what they say about who you are.
The real bonus in this approach is that if you are creating an interior that doesn’t follow the current trends but is authentic to what you truly love and value your interior will feel timeless.
I really believe this to be true. I was recently reviewing the vignettes and fashion we created back in 2014 for our Fashion + Interiors event and I think the interiors still feel fresh and relevant. Why? Because we based them on the personalities of clients we had worked with at our studio and what they valued in life. Today I am sharing a bit of a flashback to these interiors and the people who inspired them. I hope you find inspiration for your own home!

Are you an Authentic Classic?

An authentic classic is a person who is curious and enjoys life-long learning. Loves sharing stories and is present and fully engaged in life. They believe anything that comes from the heart and hand is classic. They relish handmade, locally sourced furnishings and art.
Knowing the providence and story behind the items in their wardrobe and home is meaningful to them. They love a mix that combines true classics including antiques and vintage items with hand-produced items.
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Fashion Inspiration for Interior Design Fashion Inspiration for Interior Design

Are you a Vivacious Tastemaker?

Living life out loud is the best way to describe a vivacious tastemaker! Their fashion inspiration for interior design is bold and audacious. Unafraid to express their true colors, these individualists are known for a youthful attitude and embracing change. No beige or gray for them. Inspired and open to breaking the “rules”, and interior for the vivacious tastemaker will incorporate daring color and pattern mixes.
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Fashion Inspiration for Interior Design Fashion Inspiration for Interior Design

Does Rugged + Modern Fit You?

Our rugged + modern fashion-inspired interior design is perfect for masculine space. This is a style for the guy who spends his weekdays in his city loft and weekends at a lake cabin. This guy is comfortable in his own skin and lets his fashion and home express that. Simplicity, confidence, and subtle details are important to a timeless interior for this modern gentleman. Pet-friendly is also important since his best friend is always at his side.
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Fashion Inspiration for Interior Design Fashion Inspiration for Interior Design

When you hear Artistic Sophisticate do you relate?

If you are more than a trend-setter but see yourself as a movement maker, this is your fashion-inspired interior design style. Always striving to find new inspiration and solutions to old problems the artistic sophisticate is willing to push the limits. They love drama, contrast, and artistic flourishes. A mix for their interior will include materials being used in new ways and rotating displays to showcase their latest obsession.
Fashion Inspiration for Interior Design Fashion Inspiration for Interior Design

Bringing Intention Home

For more than a decade, LiLu Interiors has been designing intentional living environments that reflect the singular values and needs, lifestyle, and aesthetics of each individual client. With care, joy, and trust, we’ll creatively collaborate with you to design a home that uniquely expresses who you are and how you live. Intentional design, no matter the style, requires thoughtful attention to detail and deliberate choices.
Let’s make life better. Let’s bring your intentions home.
pin-this-1 Fashion Inspiration for Interior Design pin-this-1 Fashion Inspiration for Interior Design

Comments on Fashion Inspiration for Interior Design-According to LiLu Interiors
  1. Leslie Carothers says:

    What a fun post, Lisa, and a great idea to help us all define our style! I am closest to Artistic Sophisticate, and have never had a *name* for it before, so thank you!

  2. Janet Lorusso says:

    What a fabulous connection between fashion and interiors. And you’ve totally hit the nail on the head with assessing your closet for clues to your true style! If my wardrobe is any indication, I think I’m an authentic classic with a mix of artistic sophisticate and an occasional splash of vivacious tastemaker :)

  3. Christie says:

    Such fun examples – I love how you selected the outfits to reflect the style of each room!

  4. Lauren Brantley says:

    Such a fun and creative idea!

  5. Ilse Benard says:

    What a fun post! I am definitely a proud vivacious tastemaker!

  6. Mary Ann Benoit says:

    I love this, it is such a great and simple idea to help clients that don’t know their style. I am SO a vivacious tastemaker….haha.

  7. Sheri Bruneau says:

    This is a really fun post, Lisa. I’ve never really thought of a design style like this before. Now you really have me thinking what my style is!

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