10 September, 2014

Fabric Freudian Slip

by Ally Evander, Allied Member ASID
We have a lot of fun at LiLu Interiors! You will often find us laughing at a staff meeting, or even in client meetings. We're also pretty good at laughing at ourselves. It is in this spirit that I share with you a story.
Lisa and I were meeting with a client in her home and discussing the material schemes we were proposing. A new idea come up in the middle of the meeting, requiring a fabric we didn't initially plan for in the scheme. Lisa mentioned that it would be perfect if we just had a sheer fabric in the same color. I got so excited because I had just gathered that very thing shortly before the meeting and brought it along, just in case. I exclaimed, "Lisa I just got more FRIENDS before the meeting!"
I confess, I love fabrics. Maybe a little too much. All the designers at LiLu are pretty passionate about fabric and often attribute people like qualities to it. With that, here is a lighthearted look at how fabrics can be friends....

Disclaimer: LiLu Interiors encourages you to have both people friends, and fabric friends.

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