09 April, 2012

Express Yourself!

by Lauren Setum, Allied Member ASID
At the beginning of each project, we ask our clients to fill out a LiLu Questionnaire. The responses to the questions that comprise it give us some initial insight into the type of lifestyle the interior design needs to accommodate and reflect...pets, entertaining style, and pastimes to name a few. We also take note of things such as important hobbies or collections. Take a peek at these LiLu projects to see how the clients' lifestyles and interests are incorporated into the final designs:

This couple had collected a large number of antiques, vintage finds and artwork. LiLu served as curator, designing a slick, neutral, yet contemporary interior to accentuate the couple's extensive collections.


We made sure this dream kitchen supported the homeowner’s passion for cooking and fondness for mega-scale entertaining. The space includes a custom-built island that spans 18 feet and seats nine guests comfortably. The colors and materials reflect the homeowner’s love of nature.

Of course, not all passions and interests can be displayed in a stunning frame or cooked on a fabulous 6-burner cook top. What about those water sport enthusiasts? Or those theater-goers who can't get enough drama?...pun intended! Stay tuned this week to find out how your interior can reflect these types of passions.