26 July, 2017

Experiencing The Best Of Summer: Summer Window Treatment Ideas

Experiencing the best of summer, summer window treatment ideas…
Want your space to feel summery? Creating a summer-like color palette would be a natural place to start. But there is more to creating a feeling of summer than just color. One tried and true way to get the summer vibes going is by designing a sheer window treatment. Why? A sheer fabric plays with the light. It moves with the breeze. These things in combination create a strong feeling and set the tone for the room. It’s soul-lifting!
So what sheer fabric should you use? What are the best window treatments to let the summer breeze in and filter the sunlight? To complete your room and frame the view? The possibilities are endless! Linen. Organza. Cotton. Plain weave. Open weave. Basket weave. Burnout sheers. Embroidered sheers. Hand painted fabric.
You imagine the experience and LiLu Interiors will help you create the perfect solution. We start every project by asking you to describe the experience you want to have in your home. We want to know everything, from the big ideas to the smallest details. So, picture this: you tell us you see yourself sitting in your sunroom on a summer day, the windows open, curtains blowing in the breeze. You are nestled in a perfectly proportioned chair, feet up on an ottoman that your dog is also curled up on. You’re reading a good book and enjoying a glass of lemonade.
We can make that dream a reality! How? We select every piece just for you. There is no such thing as one-size-fits-all design here. We’ll select a few chairs and you’ll test them out to make sure the dimensions are tailored to you. We’ll select durable fabrics you won’t mind sharing with your dog. We’ll round out the design with an upholstered ottoman, area rug, reading light and drink table that all work in concert to support the concept you started to develop for yourself, and shared with us. And of course we’ll select the perfect lightweight sheer fabric to tie it all together.
Can you see it now? Your summer room?