21 July, 2017

Exotic Touches for Your Home – Fridays Look of the Day

Today is all about those exotic touches you can do for your home where it will feel like you are on vacation each day.  This week we have been covering staycations and how to incorporate little touches into your home that you experience when you are traveling.
Simple things can be to have a fresh bouquet of flowers present when you walk in or placed in your powder room.  Perhaps they are of one of your favorite flowers you saw along the way.  You can also design an exotic wood into your home in small ways.  Perhaps it is the cabinetry detail in a bathroom or on your interior doors.
Exotic touches for your home- exotic wood and fresh florals
Break out that fancy water pitcher you got as a wedding gift and cut up pineapple, some mint add water and ice and have yourself a little treat.
Exotic touches for your home- pineapple water and waterford pitcher
Make a place for your collections that have grown through the years in your home.  Showcase favorite art on a feature wall and even rotate throughout the year.
Exotic touches for your home- art collections
Wind down your day with your favorite bottle of red, some chocolates and assemble onto a cake stand.  Serve after dinner as you converse about your day.
Exotic touches for your home- wine and chocolate
There are simple ways to bring unique, exotic touches into your home so you feel like you can come home, relax and melt away.  We can help here at LiLu Interiors, bring that intention home.