21 April, 2011

Environmental Psychology – Color Usage

By Emily Anderson, Allied Member ASID
Sometimes things just don't look right. Try saying the color of the font for each word above. Tricky, isn't it? The graphic designer's color choices play tricks on our brain. This kind of cognitive confusion leads to frustration and exhaustion. Let's be honest, no one wants to fight their own brain.
When planning residential environments, interior designers take all of this into account. This is where the design elements and principles come into play. LiLu considers emphasis and rhythm. Because without it, the brain gets lost.
The room below is certainly colorful but creates no rhythm or place for the eye to rest. I think spending more than a few minutes in this space would leave me feeling completely overwhelmed. bold color
LiLu Interiors designed the bedroom below using a full range of bright happy colors, but the selections are refined and create energy with a successful balance of color.
haugerud bedroom

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