15 July, 2010

Draped in Draper

By Emily Anderson, Allied Member ASID
One of Dorothy Draper's great strengths as a designer was her ability to create layers of pattern. She was a master of scale and color. And she certainly wasn't afraid to mix things up.
Carleton Varney, the President of Dorothy Draper & Co., Inc. has made it possible for everyone to own a little piece of the Draper legacy. Draper inspired fabrics, wallcoverings and rugs are available. It's no surprise, that many of the patterns and colors still feel fresh and current after all these years.
Draper's designs aren't for the faint of heart, a little could go a long way. These fabulous fabrics are available through the trade at Carlton Varney by the Yard.
Mountain View- Orange

Versi- Blue




Animal Prints- Zebra

Fazenda Lilly- Original White

T.S.- Yellow Gold

Great Lakes - Aqua

Imari Trophy

Snowy Egret

Les Fleures- Orig. White

Carleton Varney rugs are available through Elson&Company. Love these bold colors and patterns.





Check out our post tomorrow and hear from Dorothy Draper, in her own words.


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