02 September, 2010

Dorothy was Right, There’s No Place like Home!

By Lauren Setum, LiLu Interiors Intern
New Zealand was a great experience, but it felt good to return home as well. I even welcomed the sight of the mounted animal heads (which happen to include a turkey head, feet and all) that my dad seems to think of as art and displays throughout the house. Even my childhood bedroom turned into a display space post my moving to college. Ah, to share a room with turkey and deer! Nevertheless, the feeling of coming home to my family and friends after being away impressed upon me the importance of designing for a client and what makes them feel at home, instead of for the latest trend, and that is what LiLu is all about! Incorporating a piece of family furniture, or maybe…maybe…even an animal mount, with some new items can add a sense of familiarity and well, hominess, to a space.
As I mentioned earlier this week, it’s always fun to take advantage of local activities that are happening in the area and go see something new. So if you are looking for some fresh things to add to your home, I would recommend checking out the Stone Arch Festival of the Arts. It’s held every June at St. Anthony Main, usually around Father’s Day weekend, and the festival presents a great opportunity to check out some local artists and some from out of town, too. With everything from paintings to photography to pottery, you will not be disappointed!
I am very grateful for all the experiences I have had with design this year, both local and abroad. The one thing I might change about my New Zealand trip: travel method. I think I am going to invest in a pair of those red sparkly shoes…time efficient (three clicks and home), not to mention the great visual texture!

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