01 May, 2013


By Christina Winter, Allied Member ASID
We are only a week away from our 3rd Annual Fashion + Interiors Event!  We are getting so excited and are just putting on some of the finishing touches.  This year we have partnered with Doncaster again to bring you the ultimate high end fashion.  My favorite thing about Doncaster is that it is for every age group and every size.  "Women of Distinction Wear Doncaster" When we were selecting the lifestyles and pairing each one with a boutique we were so intriqued to see how Doncaster could truly fit into any lifestyle.  Their clothes are classic and on trend every collection. 

Another thing I love about Doncaster is how they think about an entire day when it comes to Women.  Clothes that transcend from the 9-5 to the evening to the weekends and to your vacations.  The quality is impeccable and each piece you add to your wardrobe you know will be there through your lifetime.  Check out their fabulous website to learn more and if you are looking for a sales rep in the area...just ask us; we know a really good one!  www.doncaster.com