20 December, 2020

Interior Design: Designing Remotely into the New Year

What's it like Designing Remotely

This past year has been unlike anything we have experienced before.  When our stay at home order began in March 2020, we were able to quickly shift gears and continue designing our projects remotely.  We were grateful that we were already set up to work at home and just a few shifts in how we did that worked well.  While we miss onsite meetings in person on the regular, we have found great joy, efficiency and new ways of communicating and continuing the design work with our clients on various projects.
We wanted to share our Designing Remotely blog as we leap into the new year.  In case you have been on the fence of beginning a project, we want you to know that we have the ability to design a completely unique space to you and your family with no cut corners.  We have continued our great customer service, our innovative way to design and have done it all safely.
We love collaborating with our clients, architects, builders and other designers.  The process doesn't have to be any different or have shortcuts taken just because we can't meet face to face physically.
Here are some ways we have been able to put our best foot forward with remote interior design:

  • have a schedule laid out: this helps so we know when to put packages of materials in the mail so on meeting day you can open them up while we are discussing them
  • effective communication whether in writing or over the phone; clear and concise works every time
  • visually effective documents and plans that communicate our design intent
  • virtual site meetings each week to help all stay on track and catch any mishaps
  • using meeting agendas and meeting notes just as we would in any other meeting

Designing Remotely does not mean we take any shortcuts.  In this blog, we have showcased our process for working with some clients who were relocating to a new city in an urban condo and leaving their single family home here in Minnesota.
Follow along to see the process
Designing Remotely with LiLu Interiors

Our client's beautiful living room designed through Remote Interior Design

Designing Remotely with LiLu Interiors

Our intake process of existing furniture, art, pillows and accessories

Designing Remotely with LiLu Interiors

Communication with the property manager to verify dimensions.  Many people are willing to help to ensure our design comes out perfect!

Designing Remotely with LiLu Interiors

Whether designing remotely or in person, we never short on floor plan options.

Designing Remotely with LiLu Interiors

Materials and finishes are packed up for you to unveil during our design meeting.  We are diligent in our labeling and notes to make sure there is no miss communication

Designing Remotely with LiLu Interiors

We do our best to effectively communication both with words but also visually.  Here we showed how new fabrics will mix in with existing and pairing different furniture that the client's own will look beautiful together.

Designing Remotely with LiLu Interiors

If your project needs this we will create move in day keys.  Our clients used this to help the packers pack up and move their home with proper labels and used it to help them move in, place furniture, hang art and place pillows.  It went off without a hitch.

Designing Remotely with LiLu Interiors
Here are few projects we have be working on during this time:
Lower Level Modern Remodel
Master Bedroom Reveal
Designing Remotely with LiLu Interiors

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