22 December, 2017

Designing Happy Holidays – Holiday Entertaining Tips According to LiLu Interiors

In designing happy holidays for you and your guests, here are a few holiday entertaining tips. For a joyful season of hosting let's start with ease. First and foremost start with what brings you joy. A joyful host is a gracious host! This time of year there are as many styles of entertaining as there are types of guests. Extended family for an extended overnight stay? An afternoon gift exchange with friends? A sit down family dinner? Cocktails by the fire? An evening of games with a group of all ages? As the host, deciding what brings you joy is the first step. Once you know who is on your guest list you can begin to think creatively about the what and where. Start by planning what rooms in your home will work best. For large groups of all ages, you won't need a seat for everyone. The youngest guests are typically happiest on the floor. When you do need seats for all, borrow a few ottomans and accent chairs from other rooms. If you're hosting a large sit down dinner it is the perfect time to use all of your leaves or table extensions! If this is not an option, setting up a second table nearby or in another room is a fun alternative. It is just as fun in homes with smaller rooms to divide up your guests into smaller groups. You can host a revolving dinner party and have guests move from the kitchen to the dining room to the living room with each course throughout the meal. Maybe a simpler afternoon of desserts or a quieter evening of cocktails is in order?   Consider entertaining in a room you don't use as often or setting up the bar somewhere other than the kitchen.  Whatever the season brings for you, LiLu wishes you joyful entertaining in your home!
holiday entertaining tips