05 February, 2018

Designing a Bachelor Pad Monday’s Peek at a LiLu Project

Designing a bachelor pad - so many possibilities! LiLu Interiors has had the pleasure of collaborating with many bachelor clients over the years to design the perfect bachelor pad just for them. As with every design project our thorough intake process shapes the direction that we will travel with our client to discover their unique interests and develop their dreams into reality. Starting with a great discussion of who they are now and how they live, what is important to them and what they envision for the future. Every thought transforms into the details that become the unique spaces for our clients to live their best life. Designing a bachelor pad has brought unique opportunities for us to consider gaming areas for billiards, ping pong, poker night and ongoing communal board games. One client desired space to accommodate stationary bikes for his biking group.  And also the opportunity to design the perfect space for entertaining to watch sports or host movie night. Whatever you might dream up LiLu is here to design spaces to support your lifestyle! Take a look at a couple of the bachelor pads we have designed for clients featured on Monday's Peek at a LiLu project