10 October, 2018

Design Moments of Happiness


Design little moments of happiness into your life! There are lots of ways to do this. First, you should identify what makes you happy; colors, photos, or objects with special meaning, to name just a few. Then set the intention to design them into your daily life.
Objects with special meaning- display them! This may seem obvious, but there are those of us with wedding china in boxes in the basement! (Don't do that.) If it has meaning, it should be part of your every day life.
If you have a color that lifts your spirits, you should use it, even if it seems like a crazy color. We once had a client who loved color paint a room black only to regret it. What led her to paint a room black? I'll never know. Sometimes we get caught up in doing things that are trendy, but they don't fit for us. Embrace your signature color!
Photographs of loved ones are also a given to lift our spirits. So print them out. Print them big. Frame them nicely. Mix them in with items collected on trips. In this cell phone age, we sometimes forget to get those photos off our phone and use them!
Paint the front door bright yellow! Buy that silly bowl with funny feet attached. Display your good luck gnome. Frame that funny picture of your family member that makes you laugh. Intentionally designing happy into your home works because it's the little things in life that matter most.