11 July, 2018

Design Tips for a Kitchen Update on a Budget-According to LiLu

By Lisa Peck, ASID
We often talk about big projects with large budgets on our blog and the truth is that is mostly the type of work we do here in the LiLu studio. Sometimes, however, we are remodeling or decorating an entire home that has a kitchen that’s not too bad but could use a little lift. For these types of kitchens, we have a few design tips for a kitchen update on a budget.
Design Tips-Kitchen Update on a Budget

Tip One

Replace dated wall finishes and window treatments
Design Tips-Kitchen Update-Replace Wallpaper
We often find that the cabinets are fine and even the counter tops! So the bones of the kitchen are fine yet, it still looks completely dated. That was the case in the kitchen below. By replacing dated wallpaper with a bold paint and the swaggy drapery with a simple but still cute valance the kitchen has a fresh feeling without sacrificing budget needed for other areas of the home.

Tip Two

Add personality with bold accessories
Design Tips-Kitchen Update-bold accessories
Our client bought a new home and we needed to redo almost the entire home! But the kitchen had been recently remodeled. While it didn’t perfectly reflect our client’s happy-go-lucky personalities, we decided not to throw out a perfectly fine kitchen. Instead we injected the kitchen with color and interest by using artwork, rugs and stools that packed a punch.

Tip Three

Execute Updates with Surgical Precision
Design Tips-Kitchen Update-Surgical Updates
While the size and function of this kitchen were perfectly suited to the couple who lived here, the fact that it screamed 80’s was not. Since they needed to furnish and update most of the house and do a major bath remodel, we decided to identify the key factors that were dragging the kitchen down. We heightened the cabinets by modifying them instead of replacing them. Took the dated hood and replaced it with a metal chimney style hood. Added stainless appliances and changed the perimeter but not the island counter top.

Tip Four

Add a bold shot of color in finishes
Design Tips-Kitchen Update-bold color
Replacing a drywall backsplash with bold color and repeating the color on the walls is straight forward approach that works in almost any kitchen with good cabinets and counter tops.