25 July, 2018

Design for Entertaining Outdoors-According to LiLu

Design for Entertaining Outdoors-Three Key Questions to Ask Yourself

In Minnesota, we celebrate summer. We suffer through, or ski , skate, and ice fish through a long winter depending on our disposition. We may disagree whether winter is to be endured or enjoyed but we all agree that summer is the crowning jewel of the year. We love summer so much that we love to party in the summer.
One of the ways we celebrate is to invite folks over and enjoy our garden, pool, deck or patio. Entertaining outside is a Minnesota tradition and at LiLu Interiors we are often asked by our clients to help them make the most of their outdoor spaces.
Planning a space for outdoor living isn’t that different than planning an indoor space but here are the top things to consider as you think about your outdoor space for entertaining.
Here are the three most important questions to ask yourself as you begin planning an outdoor entertaining space!

What Vibe do you want?

Floral patterns are a perfect way to bring in multiple colors. Pair them with bold, textural solids and your living space will be all kinds of happy!
Design for Outdoor Entertaining-What vibe do you want

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What experiences do you want to have?

When you think about outdoor parties, imagine the type of experience you want your guest to have. A sunny bash with drink bins and loud music? A shaded luncheon with iced tea and carefully prepared sandwiches and salads? A barbeque with kids playing on an open yard and a game of volley ball. Knowing the type of party you most want to deliver can help you think about the types of outdoor spaces you will need to deliver that experience.
A screened porch, a patio with a flat lawn, an outdoor kitchen, a connection to the indoor kitchen, a fire pit, a water feature can all be yours.  You can have any experience you want but you need to envision it first. One of the things that distresses me most as a designer is having a client come to me to redo space because they simply didn’t think about how they wanted to use it so created a generic outdoor space and then discovered it didn’t work for their lifestyle.
Design for Outdoor Entertaining-Experience

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How many people will attend your parties?

This is such a basic question that I feel a bit stupid even writing it but I cannot tell you how often it is overlooked! Do you need one spot for having a girl friend over for a cup of coffee or tea and another dining space for a family dinner? Think about the various sizes of parties you will intend to have and then plan for them! From the smallest to the absolute largest gathering your outdoor space will ever see and then think about the kind and amount of seating, dining, and serving space you need.
Design for Outdoor Entertaining-Outdoor seating spaces

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