10 August, 2009

Design Journal

by Lisa Peck
As a design student I was given an assignment to keep a design journal. This is the best thing I could have done as a student and which I still practice in formal and informal ways. If I could remember which professor suggested this I would call them and thank them. If you are embarking on a design project I think type of journal  keeping would be a great way to convey your desires and style to your  design team, or organize your thoughts for yourself.
The idea is to keep photos, images, words, etc. that inspire you in one journal. Write beside them why you find them interesting, intriguing, pleasing etc. You may find patterns emerging as you do this. The pattern becomes your inspiration. Below please find some example design journal pages. The idea could be done in a tear out file, a journal or in a digital format.

design journal copy

design journal2 copy

Resources for creating your design journal can be magazines, taking photos at homes you admire in your neighborhood or when you travel,  the      internet, photos of fashion, nature, objects, art, books, anything that seems to describe the environment you would like to create.   Jotting a short    note about why you like or don't like something can be helpful...later you won't ask yourself why you liked something. Over the years the clippings, photos and quotes I have saved have changed but knowing why I liked something when I clipped it allows me to decide whether it is still offers        valuable insight.

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