18 December, 2012

Design Challenge

by Ally Evander, Allied Member ASID
Do you ever watch those Designer's Challenge shows on TV where they give the designers a space, a bunch of restrictions and demand great design? Well occasionally, our clients ask the same of us.
A project we're working on right now is a home where the client wanted us to create a modern look while respecting the traditional, Victorian architecture of the home. The twist is, the home is a rental, and they don't know how long they plan to stay. So, no paint, no taking down wall paper, no replacing finishes or fixtures, on a budget.... Oh, and we only have 4 weeks to fill an entire house with furniture and some major personality!
Check out the before pictures:

BORING right!? 
Our concept is to use lots of bright color, fun patterns, and unexpected whimsy to achieve a lot of look on a budget. We'll repeat the same bright, poppy colors around the house in an effort to unite the hodge-podge spaces. Here is a taste of what we've designed for the space:


We're installing in January, so stay tuned for "after" shots in the New Year!