11 September, 2019

Design Bloggers Tour-We’re GOING-According to LiLu

High Point Market-Design Bloggers Tour

I’ve been keeping a secret but it’s out of the bag now and I can share the news! I’ve been selected to join 9 other interior designers and social media influencers at High Point Market this fall for the Design Bloggers Tour! I am so thrilled and grateful to be selected for this opportunity.
I’ve attended High Point market before and I always leave inspired! The great thing about Design Bloggers Tour is that I will be sharing all the inspiring behind the scenes tours and events with you!
I find High Point inspiring because we get to see new products and learn about innovation in design thinking and home technologies. I keep a sharp eye out for products that will resonate with our clients.  From sustainable products to easy maintenance to beautiful new patterns and colors, to vintage and antique finds , High Point has the full gamut of resources for the industry including some great presentations on everything from color trends to business practices.

Get Inspired at High Point Market

Where will I share said inspiration? I will be writing Blog posts here and in addition you can follow me on Instagram to see real time coverage in our stories. Twitter and Facebook will have posts too! Choose your platform and follow along!

When I can’t attend market (which I highly recommend you do) I love following the hashtags on social media to see what other designer are finding most inspiring. To follow all the designers I’m touring with follow #DesignBloggersTour #HPMKT

Design Bloggers Tour will give me a opportunity to see the sponsoring showrooms through an exclusive lens! And I can’t wait!  See below for a list of sponsors.

 See our round ups of past markets! 2017, 2017 Best of Show, and Key Take Aways from 2016. To be honest, there's too many High Point posts to list them all but our blog is searchable! Just type High Point into the search bar to the right of the post and you'll find them all!
Making New Friends

Another thing I am really excited about is getting to meet many of my Insta friends in real life! I’ve followed their creative work and really enjoyed the inspiration I get from them. Want to follow them too? See the links below.


Follow Along

You know how it’s better to have two sets of eyes than one! Imagine having ten sets of eyes looking out for the best, most exciting and innovative products at High Point! I think I’ll be even more inspired this year by seeing things through the eyes of my fellow Design Bloggers Tour members! Follow us all to see the best of High Point.
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Laurence Carr Design
Lori Dennis 
Tim Green
Donna  Mancini
Home Glow Design
Rachel Moriarty
Sarah Noble
Lisa Peck 
Deborah Von Donop

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