18 May, 2024

How to Create a Custom Sized Rug at a Reasonable Price

If you're moving into a new home or trying to furnish a room with unique dimensions, you might find yourself in need of a custom sized rug. Appropriately sizing a rug can be its own challenge, which is why blog posts like this one by Deborah von Donop, and this one by JRL Interiors exist. Both posts provide super helpful guides to choosing the proper sized rug for your room. However, the problem remains that custom-sized rugs are far from cheap. While custom rugs can be quite expensive and you may not want one in every room. There are affordable alternatives to achieve the perfect fit for your space without breaking the bank. In this week's blog, we are revealing some cost-effective solutions to creating a custom-sized rug.

Buy Carpet and Have it Bound

One of the simplest and most cost-effective ways to get a custom sized rug is to purchase carpeting and have it professionally bound to your desired dimensions. This method allows you to select the exact size and style you need while avoiding the high costs typically associated with custom rugs.

To have a rug bound, the first step is to choose a carpet that matches your style and the room you want to furnish. Maybe you already have a carpeting in mind that you just need to downsize. Whatever the case, the benefit to this approach is that you can purchase as much or as little carpeting as you need. Once you've chosen your rug, you can take it to a professional to have the edges bound for a clean, finished look.


Trim and Surge a Larger Rug

Another approach is to buy a slightly larger rug (or use one you already have!) and have it trimmed to size. We have a few companies we can recommend to trim the rug and surge the edges to ensure a professional finish.

Surging differs from binding because it uses yarn to wrap the edges of the rug, providing a durable and seamless finish. Binding, on the other hand, uses tape to secure the edges instead. We generally recommend surging over binding, because the yarn used with surging generally creates a more beautiful rug, and lasts longer.

Extend an Existing Rug

If you already own a rug that is too small for your space, you may consider adding more material to it. You can attach a different material to the existing rug to achieve the size that complements your room. The edges will need to be surged (or bound!) to make sure the look is cohesive and finished.

The first step to extending a rug is to choose a material that complements the existing rug. For some rugs, this can be hard to do. If you are at a loss trying to find a material to extend your rug, consulting an interior designer is a great idea! Once you've selected your material, you'll want to have a professional sew and the surge/bind the edges. You can create a really fun, unique look using this method of custom-rug creation. You'll have a one of a kind rug in your home, for a far more reasonable price than custom-sized rugs typically run.

We often work with clients who are moving out of starter homes but still want to keep the rugs they invested in, or those who are downsizing as they retire and need their rugs cut down to match their new lifestyle. Whatever the case may be, we know the importance of creating a custom-sized rug without the high price.

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When Only a Custom Rug Will Do

Are there times when only a custom rug will do? Yes, sometimes you will want to use a custom rug to be the perfect element in an interior. If the right color or pattern isn't available on the market, custom will be the best solution. One example is a client who wanted her home to remind her of Monet's Garden. We started the design solution with a color palette dominated by green supported by floral color accents including pinks, yellows, and blues. We used a custom rug in spring-grass-green with accents of hot pinks. We used a custom color of a rug from my textile line Sylvie and Mira.



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  1. Janet Lorusso says:

    An excellent list of ways to custom size a rug! And thanks for the shoutout! You’ve shown such beautiful examples of ways to get the right size rug at a reasonable cost!

  2. Linda Merrill says:

    A wonderful post Lisa- rugs are such an important element of a room and there are so many options for a customized look! You did a great job explaining the options!

  3. Christie Adams says:

    That is so clever about adding a border to a rug that is too small! I have never seen that done before and your photo looks great!

  4. Leslie Carothers says:

    What a useful post, Lisa – thank you for explaining all of these different options!

  5. Robin Burrill says:

    I love the sustainability possibilities with carpet-made-into-a-rug options, too. Great article, thank you for these ideas!!

  6. Amy Wax says:

    What a great post and the rugs you featured were perfect in every room! I have ordered carpet and had it cut down to size several times for clients, it can be the perfect solution sometimes. Well done, lots of great advice!

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