27 November, 2021

The Beauty of a Custom Rug Design from Sylvie & Mira

The Beauty of Custom Rug Designs from Sylvie & Mira

When we decided to use Monet's Garden at Giverny as the inspiration for one of our personality-driven interiors, we knew the first thing we needed was the perfect rug, that could evoke the beautiful greens that are the backdrop for all of the colors that bloom in our client's favorite place in the world. Keep reading to see how our custom rug design from Sylvie & Mira brought Giverney to our client's living room.


We decided to use the DeckleDot pattern from Sylvie & Mira, my own textile line, for two reasons.
One reason we picked this pattern for our Giverney-inspired custom rug design was that the torn edge design evokes cotton art paper and is reminiscent of the water's edge, like the lake in the center of the garden at Giverney.
In addition, the little accent color dots were an opportunity to represent the color of flowers blooming.
Pattern1 Pattern1.5 pattern2


We initially selected the pattern in a standard green color and then decided to amp up up the green to elevate the garden feel of the space. We wanted this space to feel like the height of summer in the garden, and so green had to be as green as it could get.
We chose colors from hundreds of poms available to custom color a Sylvie & Mira rug.
Keep reading to see how it all turned out!
Color1 Color2

Final Custom Rug Design

Finally, we had a computer rendering done of the space with the custom rug for our client to approve.
Once the client approved the rendering, we ordered a strike-off. A strike-off is a 1 square foot-sized preview of what the finished rug will look like.  This step is important to ensure the colors are perfect.
The other fabrics in the room were also chosen specifically to be fine-tuned with the color selections and to coordinate perfectly with the rug.
We think this custom rug design looks dreamy, summery, and serene in our client's home!
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Comments on The Beauty of a Custom Rug Design from Sylvie & Mira
  1. Lauren Brantley says:

    Lisa, it was neat to see your approval process for custom rugs. The pattern and color selection made the room :) Wonderful post!

  2. Suzi Rugg says:

    What a lovely way to bring in a truly custom item in your decor! Inspiring!

  3. Janet Lorusso says:

    Such beautiful rugs, Lisa! Nothing like custom to elevate the design of a room!

  4. Amy Wax says:

    I love the room with the new rug in it, the green is so bright and refreshing! I also pinned the photo of so many color options, that image is as inspiring as it gets! Well done, the rug completed the room beautifully!

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