28 December, 2021

Furniture for the Ladies Who Lunch – Peek at a Project

Custom Furniture - For the Ladies Who Lunch

Our client on this project hadn't been using their living room often, and decided to give it purpose to encourage multiple uses by designing custom furniture solutions.
We had a few ideas on how to revitalize their living room and create a space with multiple draws.
One use was to watch television without the room having an overall "tv room" look. We designed a custom media piece, so that the frame TV would have elegant support. You can check out this custom furniture design here.
Another use was to use a host an occasional bridge or mahjong game, where a light lunch would be served.
In order to accommodate this use, we included a game table and four chairs at one end of the room, making it a game area.

Custom Furniture - Creating a Concept

Our client also wanted to be able to set up a lunch on a server, to make serving lunch to her friends a seamless effort. Before they arrive, all the food and beverages would be set up on the server.
Our steps to designing the perfect piece started with creating a concept of the ideal server for our client.
The only place for the server was in front a window with a beautiful view of the lake. Because of this, we wanted this custom furniture piece to be light in scale, yet large enough to set up everything needed in advance.
We wanted to use metal legs to allow us to achieve a light scale, with a few drawers for storing cards and mahjong tiles.
Having two tiers allowed one surface for food and tableware, and one for cups and beverages. To ensure nothing would fall, we used a gallery rail around the piece. The little balusters remind us of chess pieces, reinforcing the game area theme.

Sketch a Solution & Shop Drawings

All of our custom designs start with a sketch to show the intention behind the design. You can see the drawings that we did below.
The furniture builder supplies also shop drawings for us, to ensure the details we all want are understood and will be executed. This is part of our process for creating ideal custom furniture solutions for our clients.
Sketch1 Sketch2 Sketch3

3-D Rendering

This final rendering was made to be approved by our client!
Seeing the piece in 3-D gives us an opportunity to make finals changes, so it matches our vision and helps our client fully understand the vision.

Final Product

And...here's the final product installed! You can see the installation photos below.
Note how the light scale still allows that gorgeous view to be seen, which is the absolute execution of our vision.
Final1 Final2 Final3 Sketch4 PINTHIS Cream Photo Homemakers Pinterest Graphic (97)

Comments on Furniture for the Ladies Who Lunch – Peek at a Project
  1. Janet Lorusso says:

    Fabulous buffet piece, Lisa! Such a thoughtful and elegant design!

  2. Amy Wax says:

    What a beautiful piece, I love seeing where you started from in the drawing to the finished product, well done!

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