12 July, 2012

Crosby Street Hotel

By Christina Winter, Allied Member ASID
Inspiration can take many shapes and forms.  It can come when you are on a walk, driving through a storm, or from a converstation with somone you just met.  The seed becomes planted and then the execution of the inspiration can take many roads to get to the final stage.  At LiLu, we talk about concept and how it is the driving force behind all of our designs and decisions that we make.  We ask ourselves with each decision...does this relate back to the concept?  The project that was a sneak peek on Monday began with three different concepts.  The clients chose one called "Bohemiam Chic" and after their stay at the Crosby Street Hotel in New York there decision was confirmed!  Staying at this hotel instilled in them that this is what they wanted for their home.  Talk about synchronicity! 
The Crosby Street Hotel is breathtaking just from images, and after two LiLu designers had the chance to visit the hotel in person they said it was even more so!  The use of color, change of scale and the unexpected make the spaces a success.
Take a look at the photos taken by LuAnne Silvia of the Crosby Street Hotel below...