05 January, 2018

Creating Space for New Year’s Resolutions – Friday’s LiLu Look of the Day

Creating space in your home for New Year's Resolution's might take some creative thought, but it could be a simpler approach than dedicating an entire room to your cause. For example, maybe your New Year's Resolution is to practice yoga at home?  The first step is to create the floor space needed. Maybe this involves moving an ottoman on castors out of the way or a pair of light weight accent chairs to the side.  The next step is to store what you need nearby. Maybe this means retrieving your yoga mat from inside a nearby decorative cabinet or tucked underneath a skirted sofa.  You don't necessarily have to design an exercise room to practice yoga at home. The key is to fit it in, to make it easy to do. Start by identifying your New Year's Resolutions. Then you can begin by creating space in your home to accomplish everything on your New Year's Resolutions list. What is on your New Year's Resolutions list this year? And how can LiLu Interiors help you in designing them into your life and creating  space for your resolutions?