12 April, 2017

Luxury Bath Design-Creating the Perfect Spa Bath-According to LiLu

By Lisa Peck, ASID

Creating the perfect spa bath experience involves lots of dreaming and making many decisions. You work hard all week, you’re out in the world dealing with traffic, running errands and powering through the pressures of modern life. When you come home, having a soothing, calm place to experience quiet pleasures is appealing. The motivation behind most spa bath designs is an intention to have a retreat space at home.
Here at the LiLu studio we can create a totally stress-free bath environment by guiding you through every decision and using our decades of experience to help you avoid expensive pitfalls.
While each of you are unique and would end up with a completely different design, we can take you through the top design decisions you must think through carefully when creating the perfect spa bath.

A Soothing Color Scheme

A perfect spa bath must have a soothing color scheme. If you are new to making design decisions keep it simple and stick to a monochromatic scheme that is cool in color.
luxury bath design-monochromatic color scheme
Other soothing combos might combine a mainly monochromatic scheme with white or another neutral color like grey or taupe.
luxury bath design-monochromatic with neutral color scheme
If you are a little more adventurous you could try a analogous color scheme again within the cool colors.
luxury bath design-analogous color scheme

A Sublime Bathtub

Most true spa baths include a bathing experience. Whether soaking is your style or you like a few bubbles or strong jets, we recommend taking your tub of choice for a test drive before you take it home. We aren't suggesting you actually bathe in the store but do crawl in and sit a spell. Having a tub that fits your body and supports your lower back is as important as whether there are jets or not.
luxury bath design-bathing experience

A Tailored to You Shower

Rain shower, body sprays, hand-held wands! There are so many showering options that we need to walk everyone we help carefully through the different ways they want to use your shower. On Monday morning, an invigorating spray down may be just the thing! Wednesday after coaching soccer some muscle soothing massage body sprays might help you roll into the rest of the week. Sunday night a little rain shower action might be just the thing to help you get a good night’s sleep.
luxury bath design-showers

A Beautiful View

To truly relax, having something beautiful to gaze upon is key. Picture yourself on a beach looking out at the horizon...relaxing! Considered what you will look at from your tub or shower. Your bath might come with a built-in view...and that's fantastic but if it doesn't consider including in your design a piece of art you love, tile that is so lovely that you sigh or colors you will never tire of!
luxury bath design-view

Easy to Use Storage

Beauty is truly not everything. Stress-free environments all have one underlying thing in common. You may not notice it if it's there but if it isn't even a pretty space can drive you crazy. Great storage that keeps everything you need right where you need it is essential for a relaxing bathroom. A hairdryer or straightener that's always plugged in and tucks away neatly behind a door when not in use is a critical item. Storing your beauty regime products right at your fingertips keeps your morning routine calm.
luxury bath design-storage
Are you feeling motivated to treat yourself to the perfect spa bath experience? Call the LiLu Studio to get professional design help!