09 August, 2017

Creating Perfect Outdoor Reading Spaces

Creating Perfect outdoor reading spaces is quite simple.  We are blessed here in Minnesota with beautiful summers to enjoy the great outdoors as well as spring and fall and sometimes enjoyable winters.  You might even be lucky enough to live in a place where it doesn't go below 50 in the winter.  Here are LiLu, we all love ready and we all love to get outdoors and combine the two.  The key to good design and designing spaces that you want to use is that they support your activities and lifestyle.  Do you love to spend an afternoon curled up with a good book just letting the time pass?  Perhaps you are studying for an exam and don't want to be stuck indoors.   We can design interior and exterior spaces for you that support your love and need to read.

The perfect outdoor chair

An outdoor lounge chair can be just as comfortable as your favorite indoor reading chair.  Outdoor fabrics and furniture have come a long way especially in the last few years with advancing technology.  Choose a chair that supports your body.  Think about how you like to read...do you curl your feet into you or prefer lay them out in front?  There are many different styles and sizes to accommodate your needs.

A chair side table

Don't forget about adding a small table next to your chair or sofa.  Having a place to set a drink, your book or glasses will help to meet all of your needs.  Who doesn't love a romantic comedy with a good glass of wine or a murder mystery with a hot cocoa?  Perhaps a bowl of ice cream and a good love story is your calling or you like to jot down some notes as you read.  Whatever it may, adding a side table can make all the difference.


A covered entry porch or sun room is a great place to curl up especially on a rainy afternoon.  A rain chain would be the perfect accompanying accessory to bring in some soothing noise and visual interest.  Don't have a covered area? Having a large umbrella to set up a chair and table underneath is the perfect way to block the sun making it manageable to withstand the high noon heat.

Spontaneous Spot

Don't have a patio or deck to gather on?  Make the most of our lawn and lay out a soft, subtle throw with an outdoor pillow or get your self an enclosed hammock swing chair.  There are many options available to be able to enclose yourself and get the privacy you need.
Creating Perfect Outdoor Reading Spaces Creating Perfect Outdoor Reading Spaces Creating Perfect Outdoor Reading Spaces