08 June, 2024

According to Lilu – Creating Flow

Creating flow between rooms in a house is essential for achieving a cohesive living space. The best avenue for creating flow is using design elements that connect different areas of your home, so that each room feels like part of a unified whole. In a recent project we are featuring on this weeks blog, we demonstrated how creating flow can be achieved by strategically using color, materials, and design styles. We worked each room in this home at different times, so creating flow and a cohesive feel took intention and thought.


Starting with a Common Thread

When you're trying to create flow in your space, it's important to identify a common thread that will run throughout your home. In this project, we started with a lot of neutral colors in the living room using orange as the major accent color and blue as a secondary accent. The white enamel millwork, original wood floors, and a fresh traditional approach to the design served as common elements in all the spaces.

Living Room: Establishing the palette

In the living room, we began to establish the main color palette. The room features a primarily neutral backdrop, with pops of orange and blue. This set the tone for the rest of the house and provided a starting point for creating flow.

Shifting accents: Dining room transition

As we move into the dining room, we shifted the color emphasis to blue, making it the dominant color and allowing the white trim and built-ins to stand out.

Because we want the focus at the table to be on the meal and the dining guests, this room mainly features the blue accent color, but as you enter the space, there are orange accents too. This keeps the orange thread alive but less prominent.

softening the palette: bedroom retreat

In the bedroom, we dropped the orange accents and focused on a blue and white scheme. The blue here is softer, creating a soothing atmosphere that is appropriate for a bedroom but still flows with the rest of the house. The fresh take on traditional was maintained, with floating nightstands balancing traditional curved motifs on the doors. Combining roman shades with full-length drapery also added to the cohesive yet distinct design of the room.

Blending materials: Bathroom serenity

In the bathroom, we used soft blues and marble to reflect the traditional aspect of the design. The neutral colors in the vanity and the majority of the tile create a calming environment, while the soft blue accent tiles and wall color tie back to the color scheme used throughout the home.

The Importance of Intentional Design

Creating flow between rooms requires intentionality. Each room can have its own distinct energy and mood, yet it should still feel like part of a larger, cohesive design. By using a consistent color palette and repeating certain design elements, you can create a home that feels connected and harmonious.

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Comments on According to Lilu – Creating Flow
  1. Leslie Carothers says:


    The way that floating nightstand in the bedroom echoes the end panel design of the bathroom cabinetry is such a beautiful example of how you create flow as a designer.

    Thank you for the inspiration!

  2. Janet Lorusso says:

    Such a great study for such a critical design tool. Creating flow so the rooms of a home speak to each other is so important and you’ve demonstrated it so beautifully here. I love the curved detail on the nightstands that nods to the curved details on the vanity beyond. It’s the myriad of little seemingly inconsequential details, that when thoughtfully executed create a whole greater than the sum of its parts.

  3. Linda Merrill says:

    Hi Lisa – wonderful topic to share. Creating flow throughout the house is so important and you do a great job of illustrating this.

  4. Amy Wax says:

    I loved reading this post as we share a belief that flow is so important in every design! I love how you showed examples of how it can be done well, and that it can be soothing way of designing an elegant space!

  5. Robin Burrill says:

    I looove the color of those ottomans…what a pop!! A truly beautiful space, thank you for sharing the inspiration!!

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