21 March, 2012


By Christina Winter, Allied Member ASID

If you read the blog on Monday the peek at a project was about phasing and implementing  your project.  There are several different reasons why people need to stage their project.  It can be because of Budget.  It can be for sanity purposes.  Do one room at a time, start it and then finish it, move on to the next.  This is common for those who have several projects all in mid phase and not one seems to ever be completed.  No matter what the reason for wanting to phase your project, we at LiLu Interiors can help you to decide a plan, stick to it and implement in the best way possible.
We talk ahhhh lot about Concept.  Our favorite saying is "Practice safe design, use a concept!"  Concept is what drives the design and helps to remember as you move through your project WHY you made the decisions that you made. Then concepts also helps to MAKE decisions.  We ask ourselves what supports the concept?  What relates back to the concept?
Concepts can be used in all areas of you life...not just design.  Are you planning a party?  What is the theme?  Is it a Hawaiian theme or a western theme?  If you have this established in the beginning then it easier to decide on the decorations, the menu and what you are going to wear.  Concepts are also helpful to help you reach your goals.  Are you trying to lose weight?  What is the main reason for this?  If you have the leg work done and the why answered, you find it is easier to reach your goal.