09 October, 2017

The Influence of Color – Peek at a New Book LiLu Interiors is Quoted In

The influence of color is discussed in a new book out this fall called RUT-BUSTING BOOK FOR WRITERS  The book focuses on breaking out of creative ruts and achieving your writing goals, and one chapter is dedicated to exploring ways to create the perfect writing space.  LiLu Interiors was contacted by the author for our expertise on how color influences your space. For all the writers out there and people curious about how color influences your space, check out her book to find out answers to questions like:
Are there specific colors that can help inspire creativity—certain hues that more directly correlate to that part of the brain?
If the writing space is relatively small or in a room without a lot of natural light, what suggestions do you have?
For writers currently suffering from a lack of inspiration, what color “prescriptions” do you have to shake up things in their writing space?