18 March, 2010

Collaborating There: The Design Team

By LuAnne Silvia
A recent renovation of a church presented an opportunity for collaboration among the members of the design team on the project. The grid pattern of the domed ceiling's woodwork created an interesting ceiling detail. Through the renovation process a second floor was added to the church bringing the dome ceiling height in closer perspective. The architect, designer (LiLu), builder and painter all discussed what we wanted the desired outcome to be for the new space and the best way to achieve it.  We wanted to retain some of the original character of the church, bring a fresh approach to the new space, be sensitive to the labor costs. The discussion led to an exchange of ideas and everyone offered something for consideration. We decided to paint the trim and the ceiling the same color as a nod to the design of the church and eliminate the high contrast of the dark woodwork and light ceiling that now felt overpowering from your vantage point in the new space. The resulting effect of the new dome ceiling provides a backdrop of subtle texture.
snap shots 001
The original dome ceiling of the church
The design team on site
AWH Install Photos 040
The finished new space

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