17 March, 2010

Collaborating Here and There: With Clients

By LuAnne Silvia
Every project we work on begins with an idea. It starts with the client, the home owner. Something inspired them to remodel their current home or look for a new one. Sometimes it is a change in their family in the form of an addition like a new pet, another child or the opposite, empty nesters. Sometimes it is a new interest or hobby, a need for a painting studio, woodworking shop, or scrapbooking center. Sometimes it is a change in career, maybe a home office is in order. Whatever the reason, it begins with an idea. Where does the idea go from here?
The homeowner shares their idea with an architect and/or an interior designer. We  listen, ask questions and add to the clients idea. Here is where the fun really starts. The discussions lead to more ideas, options are explored and soon you have a plan. The best results come from building on ideas. Clients know what they want, designers and architects know how to get there. And when clients aren't sure what they want, we help them get there. There are lots of details to think through and everyone plays an important role.
At LiLu Interiors one way we are using technology to benefit this process is through our online Client Access Pages. We created a password protected page where we can post drawings, photos and materials for each client. Because it is online and can be accessed at your convenience it has been an effective tool in communicating project details and options throughout the project. Here are a couple of examples of client access pages:
Lighting board
bathroom page

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