17 February, 2019

Closet Organization Products: Shoppable Look of the Day

Closet Organization Products is today's Shoppable Look of the Day. We can't help but notice how many people have taken to Marie Kondo's Spark Joy Book and have been all cleaning, organizing and decluttering their lives. People have been setting intentions for improving their space and have seen dramatic results for how it is improving their lives!

Change your life

We wrote a blog found called Revolutionize Your Life with an Organized Closet-According to LiLu Interiors and it discusses all the options you have when it comes to creating and designing a custom closet just for you.  At LiLu Interiors, we take inventory of your space, your clothes, shoes and all the items you want to be in your space.  We also ask you questions about how you use your space and store your items?  Our goal is ask you a questions you haven't thought of!  Do you need more hanging space or do you prefer to fold your pants and shirts?  Are your shoes stored in their boxes or out on a shelf?  Do you want to see all your items as you get dressed? What about jewelry and ties?  Once we have a clear understanding of your needs and want we then we go to the drawing board and create the perfect, efficient space you set out for. Our intention is to make your life better!

How can we help?

We love to help people make their spaces better for everyday use and to help them live their best life.   Sometimes you need to hire a professional.  Have questions about how to reach your goal?  Give us a call.  We'd love to talk about your project and see how we can help!

Shoppable Solutions

Below are some guides and resources we have put together to give you a start on what you might need for your closet.  We also have this great post on more products to help you organize and declutter your life!
Closet organization 1 Closet organization 2

Loving these closet organizers to help keep you organized for the little ones.  They seem to outgrow clothes faster than weeds grow and these labels will help keep you sane as new parents!

Closet organization 3

Useful closet organizers such as a pant rack, jewelry drawer inserts, and extra cubbies for all things shoes and handbags.

Closet organization 4
Click the images below to be directed to shop the links to begin the process of your semi-custom closet organization.

Don't forget about this wonderful book where many tips and tricks can be found...they may even be life changing!


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