12 December, 2011

Clear Concepts

By Emily Anderson, Allied Member ASID
LiLu likes to use our blog to give our readers a look into our world of interior design and how we, as design professionals, tackle design problems. Our clients know that LiLu always starts a project with a clearly defined concept.  A good concept is like a road map: it clearly defines what the end goals of a project are. Our concepts are made up of several words that describe LiLu's and our client's goals for the project. Some of the words communicate a feeling (REJUVENATING) while some of the words are more concrete (BRIDGE CONTEMPORARY SHELL OF HOME WITH EXISTING TRADITIONAL FURNISHINGS). The concept is always the first step in our process and is always a team effort. The design team meets and brainstorms about the concept for the project. It is then refined and finalized with the client.
It is impossible for us to imagine designing a space without a clear concept because we constantly refer to it throughout the project. If we are questioning the use of a color, fabric or finish, we ananlyze it within the framework of the concept. If it supports the concept it stays.
This week I will be sharing some LiLu designed spaces and their concepts. I think you will be interested to see how the finished rooms relate to their original road map (concept). Remember these words were put to paper long before the first floor plan was drawn.
To kick the week off in holiday style, I have provided my imagined concept for this ugly holiday sweater. Send pics of your favorite ugly sweater to our Facebook page at Facebook.com/liluinteriors.



Ugly Holiday Sweater