08 December, 2019

Classic Blue Color of the Year 2020-According to LiLu Interiors

Classic Blue Color of the Year 2020-Why

Classic Blue Color of the Year 2020 was announced by Pantone this past week. We pay attention to the Pantone pick because it is a universal color. Pantone spends nine months researching and taking note of color use across industries and art forms. Armed with global knowledge, they announce their color of the year.
We think classic blue is a great pick for 2020 because it is a color that has universal appeal. It is hard to find someone who says they do not like blue.
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Classic Blue Color Psychology

Classic blue is a stable, grounding color. With its universal appeal it has the power to unify. Blues, in general represent serenity and peace. While resting our eyes on a blue, we are likely to feel that we are in a safe place of refuge.
In a turbulent world, stability is highly prized. Classic blue conveys the stable confidence of a blue suit and the reassurance of the sky above. It has a quality that evokes faith and trust.

Classic Blue in Interiors

Here are a few examples of classic blue in interiors we have designed. We often shy away from strong color statements in hard surfaces in kitchens and baths but classic blue doesn’t feel like a risk because it is indeed a classic.

Classic Blue Kitchen

We used classic blue in the tile back splash of this kitchen and mixed it with a few other blues to ensure it will feel current for decades. Wondering what to pair with Classic blue? The light grey cabinetry, white trim and orange accents in this kitchen are a great indicator of a perfect color palette centered around classic blue color of the year

Classic Blue Bathroom

In this bathroom, we used classic blue in the form of a stained-glass tile. One entire wall is tiled in classic blue and juxtaposed with a floral glass mosaic tile in neutral grays and whites. Combined with a French gray stone herringbone floor and crisp white cabinetry, it is both unique and timeless. Neutrals + blue can be a winning color palette.

Classic Blue Bedroom

This bedroom features a plaid chair in classic blue color of the year and a ticking stripe roman shade in the same shade of blue. To create the color palette for this room we included a saddle brown leather ottoman and a cool gray bookcase with warmer neutral wall color. All for a slightly preppy look.

Classic Blue 1920's Kitchen

In this kitchen, we designed a pantry for a 1920’s home in classic blue color of the year. The pantry is designed to be reminiscent of an icebox from the era the home was built. This classic color in a high gloss lacquer combined with the polished nickel is a handsome look. White, grey, blue and oak combine for a look appropriate to the age of the home.  Pops of cheery yellow complete the classic color scheme.

Classic Blue Modern Bedroom

In this bedroom classic blue is used as the major color in the window treatments of Birches blue from Sylvie and Mira (designed by LiLu principal, Lisa Peck) and the blue velvet accent chair. It’s combined with off whites, teals with subtle hints of yellow, orange and pinks in a floral fabric at the bed.

Add Classic Blue to your home

If you want to try adding classic blue to your home here is a curated collection of classic blue items ranging from modern to well, classic.
We may receive a small commission from the sale of these items to support our blog.
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Comments on Classic Blue Color of the Year 2020-According to LiLu Interiors
  1. Kristie Barnett, The Decorologist says:

    Wow, that blue icebox-inspired pantry is AMAZING!!! I love it and am pinning that one, for sure.

  2. Leslie Carothers says:

    Good morning, Lisa! What a beautiful grouping of rooms that you and your team have designed using Classic Blue. I especially love that wall of Classic Blue kitchen cabinetry! Gorgeous!

  3. Wendy says:

    Blue truly IS classic! I love it paired with white.

  4. Janet Lorusso says:

    Great post, Lisa! These are all great examples of using classic blue, but that blue icebox wall is a showstopper!

  5. Mary Ann Benoit says:

    Love the kitchen with the beautiful window seat. I have read that blue is also a color that inspires “trust”.

  6. Sheri Bruneau says:

    What a way to illustrate, through your designs, the classic nature of blue. I am a huge lover of blue and seeing all of your rooms designed and decorated made me smile.

  7. mitzi beach says:

    Of course I was drooling over many of your images being a forever blue and white girl..and this particular blue is full of happiness versus some of the past blues like Federal Blues being more serious.
    It is genius the way you connect to Pinterest. I am so impressed!

  8. Amy Wax says:

    Great post Lisa, There are so many blues to choose from. I love how you showed so many examples of how to use blues in a design, and do it well!

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