27 January, 2016


By Emily Anderson, Allied Member ASID
Everyone loves to have choices. Sometimes we can't even communicate what we want until we see it. At LiLu, we feel it is important to give our clients choices. We don't come up with one great idea; we come up with lots of great ideas. Having choices allows us to guide the client in discovering their true path. Choices allow for the freedom of ideas. We know that not everything we select will be used, but the options always start an interesting and worthwhile dialogue about the client's style and their goals for living.
On Monday, I showed you a sneak peek of an outdoor space we are working on in Florida. I wanted to take the time today to show you how we started out. These were the three concept directions we showed the client initially. From here, it was easy to put together the final plan based on feedback. Which path would you choose?
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