05 October, 2009

Ceruse Revival

by Lisa Peck
Ceruse finishes have been used historically on everything from wood to skin. Women in the Elizabethan era used ceruse to whiten skin as did the women of ancient Egypt. As a wood finish ceruse dates back to the late 18th century. This technique makes frequent come backs as a trend and like many classics deserves to be used at any time when it is the right solution.
You'll know ceruse when you see it. It is a darker wood with white grain. It is most successful and beautiful when used on woods with strong grain patterns such as oak and ash. I first started seeing ceruse finishes show up in high-end lines again a couple of years ago. It is a growing trend right now and can be found on many furnishings and accessories. Some high-end lines have always had ceruse finishes.
Ceruse finishes from Cumberland Furniture.

Ceruse finishes from Berman Rossetti.



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