08 August, 2012

Camp Mischief

By Lisa Peck, ASID
I was on vacation recently visiting family in Stony Brook, New York and was introduced to Camp Mischief. Camp Mischief was built in the 1920's in the beach community on the outskirts of Stony Brook. The man who built the community had five children and wanted a safe place for them to play so he built them a play house right near the main house. It was known as Camp Mischief. Nearly a century later the play house still stands. It is now tended by one of the little girls it was built for. At ninety-some years old she still lives in the home she grew up in and with the help of her children she opens the play house each summer for the neighborhood children to come in and host tea parties, play pretend or take a book off a shelf and read the summer afternoon away.
Doing such a kindness for her community she is giving each child who plays at Camp Mischief magical summer memories that they will carry in their hearts forever.

Camp Mischief

Beautiful aged stairs .

Bears sitting ready for a tea party inside.

Charm abounds inside Camp Mischief