07 March, 2021

Calming Colors to Help You Relax at Home -According to LiLu

How Your Home Should Feel

We have always believed that your home should be a place of refuge.  When you walk into your home at the end of a long day, you shouldn’t feel overwhelmed, uncomfortable, or overstimulated. Instead, you should feel calm and like your home is inviting you to take a deep breath, seamlessly easing you into relaxation.  To fulfill this vision, you need the right color palette. That’s why this week, we’re offering a guide to calming colors to help you relax.

Violet - Calming Colors to Help You Relax

Violet is often considered the color of luxury but has also been associated with human spirituality and creativity throughout history. So, color psychology says that violet shades can relax you into a state of creative flow and awaken your intuition.
If you’re an artistic type looking for calming colors to help you relax, these gorgeous violet shades might be perfect for you.
Calming Colors to Help You Relax at Home Calming Colors to Help You Relax At Home Calming Colors to Help You Relax at Home

Light Blues

When you ask around for people’s favorite colors, you’re bound to find that at least every third answer is “blue”.
Blue is a color loved by many people, and part of the reason for that is its association with nature. The color we find most often in nature is green, but the blue of the sky and a deep body of water is a close second.
Sometimes, darker blues can have associations of sadness or aloofness. Think Picasso’s “blue period”. However, many people who love the color blue are drawn in by the feelings of calmness and serenity that it calls to mind.
We love using light blues as calming colors to help you relax and drift away, all the while visualizing a blue sky or the deep blue ocean.
Calming Colors to Help You Relax at Home Calming Colors to Help You Relax at Home

Sage Greens

Green absolutely surpasses blue in its association with the natural world. Because of this association, green is often thought to represent tranquility, good luck, and good health.
According to Very Well Mind, some studies have found that green can improve reading ability, and that reading off green paper pay increase reading speed and comprehension.
Overall, green, especially soft, sage greens like the one’s we’ve included here, is said to invoke calm, compassionate, optimistic feelings. So, if you’re looking for calming colors to help you relax, and maybe a new paint color for your favorite reading spot, these gorgeous greens might be for you.
For more tips on using green as a neutral, check out this post!

Soft Teal

Teal is a gorgeous mix of green and blue – the two nature colors. Combining the two calming aspects of green and blue, teal is a unique color and represents the more unconventional side of those nature vibes.
Soft teal shades are perfect for the calm-seeker who is reserved, intuitive, and introverted – but also very unique and eccentric. If you want your space to cultivate relaxation while also showing your individuality, these soft teal shades might be the perfect calming color to help you relax.

Blush Pink

The color pink is often used to represent compassion, nurturing, and love. Many say they associate it with unconditional love and understanding. With those feelings in mind, pink is a great calming color to help you relax.
In color psychology, pink is also a sign of hope. If you want to walk into your home and feel hugged – like everything is going to be okay – a blush pink might be the perfect shade to incorporate into your color palette.

Deep Gray

Gray is a neutral that is has more depth than its often given credit for. Deep grays are for those who know how to work hard, and who find that getting deep into a project, book, or hobby is their perfect recipe for zen.
Gray creates an increased sense of sophistication and calm when people are exposed to it, making it perfect for careful, articulate individuals who are focused and dedicated to their personal commitments.
That being said, these deep grays are perfect for those spaces where you know you want to hit your stride and find your zen.

Light Yellow

Vincent Van Gogh said “How wonderful yellow is. It stands for the sun.” We agree.
Yellow is a gorgeous color that is associated with happiness and energy more than any other color.
You might be wondering – why would we use such an energetic color in our guide to calming colors to help you relax? It’s a fair question. While bright yellows might generate energy quickly, softer, buttery yellows shine on you like a warm, constant beam of sunshine.
Soft shades of yellow like these remind us of long days spent lying in the sun in the summertime, reading and sipping on iced tea or lemonade. If that sounds like a dream to you, these shades might be the perfect addition to your home.

Explore Your True Colors

If you are exploring colors to use in your home take the quiz below to find an interior color palette with neutrals, accents, and grounding colors just for you! Just click on the image to start!

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  4. Janet Lorusso says:

    I spy some of my favorites here, Lisa! Constellation blue has been a popular color for us for years, and I’m loving the blush pinks here too!

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    Styling is the finish that makes it fabulous! Love the results and I’m sure your lucky clients do too! The teal on the back of those bookcases is such a perfect backdrop!

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