25 October, 2017

Bringing Family Home for the Holidays

The Holiday Season is fast approaching! Is your home ready to support your holiday intentions? At LiLu Interiors, our main focus is always to help our clients live the lives they dream about through thoughtful design. Every decision we help them make supports this goal. For many clients, one common intention is to have a home that is welcoming and can easily allow for entertaining family and friends, whatever the occasion. Let's call it Intentional Entertaining.

In order to determine what design decisions we need to make to help clients entertain better, we often ask clients to describe a typical party or gathering at their home.

  • How many people do you want to be able to seat in dining areas?
  • How many people do you want to be able to seat in living areas?
  • How do you like to serve food? Buffet style? A sit down dinner with a seat for everyone at the main table?
  • What kind of parties will you host? Thanksgiving and Christmas? Football and Superbowl watching parties? Kids parties? Cocktail parties? Wedding and Baby Showers?

Here are some of the things we think about when designing for intentional entertaining:

  •  Flexible dining seating: enough for everyday eating, and expansion for special occasions
  •  Additional dining seating that is comfortable and just as desirable as the main seating area (Avoiding the dreaded "kids table")
  •  Space for food dishes in the middle of the table
  •  Space for buffet style food display with access to electrical plug ins for things like crock pots
  •  Circulation space some no one feels overcrowded
  •  Enough room to pull out chairs
  • Connection between spaces so that everyone feels like they are together
  • Separation between spaces so adults and kids can have their own kind of fun

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