21 November, 2018

Bringing an Attitude of Gratitude to Work-According to LiLu Interiors-Thanksgiving 2018

by Lisa Peck, ASID
On Monday, at our staff meeting each Monday we take the time to share “good things from last week” These are essentially the things we are grateful for in our work life. When I come to work each day I start by setting intentions for the day. I often include the intention to take notice of the things for which I am grateful. Bringing an attitude of gratitude to work is an intention I always try to keep in mind.
In a typical day, there are many things to be grateful for. While it is somewhat personal I am going to share a list of ten things I am grateful for today here in the studio. My intention behind this is to hopefully inspire in others the practice of having an attitude of gratitude.

Today I am grateful for

  1. Meeting with clients who have a sense of humor
  2. Abundant natural light in our studio
  3. Working with a client whom I have been collaborating with for over 20 years
  4. Nice, creative projects with plenty of opportunity to do fabulous work
  5. Kindness and compassion that we bring to our work place every day
  6. My neat desk (straightened up by Jen before I arrived at work)
  7. An email from a client saying how much they love their home
  8. Working with a client who is a new mother, I designed a bedroom for her when she was 8!
  9. Knowing a client whose new construction home is completed is gathering with children and grandchildren there for Thanksgiving...the entire reason they did the project was to gather extended family
  10. Celebrating my biggest month ever with my fabric and rug line Sylvie and Mira

From the little joys to the bigger ones, there is much to be grateful every day. Sometimes, my list is heavy on little joys like good coffee and sunshine and some days there are bigger things like a great new project l but every single day there is much to be grateful for at work and at home. Thanksgiving is tomorrow and we will all take stock of the things we have to be grateful for and I encourage you to extend the practice to a daily one. If you note even two things you are grateful for it will help you bring a positive attitude to work and life. I believe our work is better and richer when it is done with a happy and grateful heart.