15 June, 2010

Blue Zone: Move Naturally and Downshift

By LuAnne Silvia
Two of the Blue Zone principles (see yesterday's entry) that Dan Buettner has identified as lengthening your life are to move naturally and downshift. They may in fact lengthen your life and an immediate short term effect of living this way is improving the quality of your life! Sounds great! Moving naturally through space and life says to me to be purposeful, aware, wake up to your surroundings. He is talking about a journey. This concept was thoughtfully incorporated into his home by creating a destination room.
The destination room is located on the third floor and it's design intent was twofold: to create a rewarding environment that you want to spend time in and locate this room such that you travel through the house to get there. This room was worth the trip! It is designed to speak to your senses and provide a haven of comfort. The coconut shell desk is a delightful place to sit and reflect, the sofa is arranged to enjoy the view of the lake, and the room is full of personal treasures owned by Dan that he has collected from his travels. A cleverly designed built in window seat is tucked into a recess of the room. It had thick boxed cushions and dark stained rift cut oak surround to house specific objects and even a pull out mattress. The perfect nook for downshifting. The room was designed by RCC Interiors and was an absolute treat to experience. 
sofaRattan sofa by McGuire with deep lofty cushions
Folio desk by Baker, coconut shell with bronze base

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