17 June, 2010

Blue Zone: Family Priority

By LuAnne Silvia
This week I have been sharing inspiring highlights of the ASID Showcase Home owned by Dan Buettner and discussing his Blue Zone principles for living a longer life. The Power 9 as he calls them identify the common habits of people who are living longer. On the list is making your family a priority and surrounding yourself with like minded people. Your home can be designed to support these habits.
Here is a family room that LiLu Interiors designed recently for a family who entertains frequently and hosts out of town guests. The room works equally well for large parties, smaller groups, one or two people and their family:

  • Four comfy swivel chairs around a tall coffee table - fun place for book club, family game night, relaxing conversation 
  • A pair of loveseats facing each other and pair of comfy chairs - provides room for three couples to relax before/after dinner
  • The pair of comfy chairs also is a great spot for family tv watching or to enjoy the fireplace
  • The chaise lounge in the bay window says afternoon nap, grab a magazine or enjoy the view of the pool
  • A couple of bar stools at the island has guests feel at home while you serve drinks or a spot for homework that's close to the actionbonnie plan

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