16 June, 2010

Blue Zone: Determine Your Life Purpose

By LuAnne Silvia
At LiLu Interiors we have always believed in the importance of designing homes that support our clients lives. What does this mean? We consider clients hobbies when designing spaces, and find the perfect place to display your collections. But more than that, we think through the details of your lifestyle and intentionally create space that allows you to live your life's purpose. 
This year's ASID Showcase house on Lake of the Isles does just that for it's owner, Dan Buettner. As you travel from room to room the house tells the story of who he is, where he has been, and where he is going. His travels, his discoveries, his accomplishments and his family. There are spaces to record, reflect, share, gather and retreat. Buettner owns many treasured objects he has collected from his adventurous travels and many of them were uncovered in the basement by the designers. They discovered an African Tribal Grain Door for example which is now hanging on the wall as a piece of artwork. 
The most inspiring part of his home was what he refers to as his Pride Shrine. At the hallway intersection where it serves as a constant visual reminder is a dedicated showcase of achievements, photos, diplomas, certificates, artwork. The home is literally centered around every source of joy and happiness of the family. Simply passing by brings a smile to your face, and a pause in your step. Inspiring!
What would be in your Pride Shine?
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