22 May, 2013

Blogfest 2013: Day 1

By LuAnne Silvia, ASID
Christina Winter and I attended Blogfest 2013 a two day conference in New York sponsored by Kravet for interior designers and design bloggers to come together and celebrate the design industry and social media. Over a hundered attendees all armed with their i-phones, and i-pads blogging, tweeting, and instagramming. The conference kicked off with a gathering at Jonathan Adler's store on Sunday evening.

Blogfest Attendees: Christina Winter, LuAnne Silvia, Laura Denlinger of Doodlehome and Barbara Viteri of Viteri Style Management
Monday morning we had the opportunity to tour Kips Bay Decorator Show House. In it's 41 year, the show house is a long tradition that supports the Kips Bay Boys and Girls Club and showcases up and coming and established designers work. A few of the designers were there to talk about the inspiration behind their design and point out particular challenges and features of the space.

Then we were off to Hearst Towers for an afternoon of guest speakers and an awesome view of Central Park. Dan Fuchs, Publisher and The Editor in Chief of their newest publication HGTV magazine, Sara Peterson shared insight into Hearst Communications #1 selling magazine. The buzz phrase of the day was 'Be Original!'

Next up were New York designers Thom Filicia and Alexa Hampton. Thom was recently honored with the Arents Award for his achievements in his career. his design work focuses on being relevant today and respecting the past. Thom spoke about how each space he creates he is telling the story of the people who live there. We at LiLu Interiors couldn't agree more! Whether in Minneapolis or New York the design philosophy rings true: we think an interior designers job is to make your life better.

Alexa Hampton talked about what balance means to her juggling a professional career and personal life and all the extra engagements she is involved in like speaking to the attendees of Blogfest2013...sometimes it gets a little crazy! Always do your best and give yourself a break to keep life in perspective.

Jennifer Powell of Kravet interviewing editor Sara Peterson, designer Alexa Hampton and designer Thom Filicia
Our final stop of the day was a visit to Newel Antiques. Words that come to mind:

Wow, Incredible,  Fascinating,  Overwhelming,  History,  Discovery,  Beautiful

A newly remodeled first floor showroom houses a variety of pieces each with their own story and the Managing Director Guy Regal knows them all! Then there are four more floors to explore with aisles of antiques stacked over your head. You can get lost in the eras and the aisles.