Winter White Color Palettes

Today Winter White color palettes by LiLu Interiors are being featured on the blog. Who knew there were so many whites?! (Well we did, but we’re color experts so…) What’s your favorite white? Don’t know? Think they’re all the same? Read on and maybe we’ll change your mind!


Silver Springs

Featuring the whitest whites, Silver Springs also brings in whispers of silver in color and metals. Texture and tonal variation add to the palette. Benjamin Moore’s colors Snow White, Paper White and Pearlescent White are great companions for this palette.

Overall, Silver Springs feels serene and restful. Almost airy. And definitely like a breath of fresh cool winter air.


Creamy Glow

In our Creamy Glow palette, bright whites play with creamier whites in harmony. Texture and tone-on-tone, subtle patterns add layers of detail. Benjamin Moore’s colors White Dove, White Down and Creamy White are great colors when you’re going for that Creamy Glow look!

Overall, the Creamy Glow palette creates a feeling of warmth, balanced by fresher whites.


Punchy Pewter

Punchy Pewter features bright whites with darker silver tones for a little extra drama and contrast. Benjamin Moore’s colors Snowfall White, Silver Satin and Picket fence feature pewter-y undertones, making these colors a great supporting cast for Punchy Pewter.

Overall, Punchy Pewter is cool and sophisticated, grounded and balanced.


Champagne Dream

Creamy whites mix with Champagne tones to create contrast and interest in this white palette. Benjamin Moore’s Floral White, Marble White and Elephant Tusk are good Champagne-y colors to add to this palette.

Champagne Dream features more strong contrast than the other palettes, but it’s still got that white backbone to keep it from going too far.


Tips for Working with Winter White Color Palettes

Beware Snow Blindness! When working with Winter White Color Palettes, having absolutely everything be the same bright white can cause problems for the eyes. People love the crisp cleanliness of white, especially in kitchens and bathrooms. But too much of a good thing can be a bad thing. And a little visual contrast for the eyes is a good thing.

Can’t get enough of Winter White Color Palettes?